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Value Transformation

Cress Consulting value transformation

Finding ways to maintain profitability and continue to grow in a changing and increasingly challenging environment can help uncover opportunities to create value.

Whether it means finding ways to transform waste materials into something of value, using knowledge in different ways or improving efficiency, a transformational strategy can help shift the focus to uncover opportunity and value inherent in your operations and networks.

Cress consulting Water Stewardship

•   Identifying pathways to becoming more self-reliant

Cress can investigate the options and identify the best way forward to help your operation become more self-reliant. We can help identify and analyse the options to generate value from waste, reuse wastewater or produce clean energy that reduce your emissions and your operational costs.

•   Investing in new areas for sustainable growth

Cress has the expertise and experience to guide your capital investment decisions to reduce sustainability risks. We can help identify opportunities to support growth while reducing sustainability risk and impacts.

•   Operational efficiency

Efficiency plays a significant role in becoming more sustainable. Plant optimisation involves working though problems systematically to achieve the best results. Verifying that the existing process equipment is being used to its fullest advantage by examining operating data and performance helps to consistently deliver the best performance at the lowest cost.

•   Bioenergy

Bioenergy is an opportunity available to many industries that produce organic wastes. The technology, practices and commercial aspects of converting organic waste into energy has improved significantly in the last decade or so. Cress can assess whether distributed or on-site bioenergy could be a useful opportunity for your operations to reduce emissions and secure a long-term organic waste low cost energy management strategy.

•   Emissions reduction

Cress can help you design a management plan to reduce emissions. Reduction strategies could centre around energy efficiency, renewable energy, new production techniques or improving organic waste management. Cress will help to find the lowest cost carbon abatement opportunities and identify pathways to reduce carbon emissions over an appropriate timeframe.

•   Food waste

Food waste is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and a physical representation of wasted energy, water, effort and other resources. Reducing or eliminating food waste at source, appropriate segregation and diversion to higher order uses and charitable donation are some of the ways Cress can help you achieve your food waste goals.

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