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Industrial experience

Cress Consulting is an active expert in the design of industrial wastewater treatment systems. Its team is known by personal reputation and their judgement is always trusted and respected.

Our senior team members have been involved in the design of industrial wastewater treatment plants for over 20 years and have experience dealing with most major industrial customers in the Asia Pacific region.

One of the keys to our success is our understanding of your process; the process that generates the wastewater. We have experience in virtually all industrial sectors from food processing to metal finishing, from paper mills to wineries. Our complete knowledge of your process and understanding of your wastewater allows designs to be tailored specifically for your business and as such, will consistently perform.

Our designs incorporate all aspects of industrial wastewater treatment and each and every component of the plant is designed specifically for your application.

Preliminary treatment

Preliminary treatment methods can improve the performance and reliability of downstream processes whilst also reducing the operating costs.

Selecting the most suitable preliminary treatment process requires experience. In industrial projects preliminary treatment is the removal of coarse material usually via gravity or mechanical means.

Screening is generally essential and whether an above ground or below ground screen is best for your application we still need to determine the most appropriate aperture size and profile, the methods of screen cleaning and the practicalities of screenings handling. There is always a best solution and we will find it.

Primary Treatment

primaryPrimary treatment is mostly used for either pre-treatment of wastewater prior to discharge to sewer or as a pre-treatment stage prior to some form of biological process.

Selecting the best form of primary treatment process is essential for both performance and efficiency.

The type of primary treatment process used will considerably impact on the operating costs of the plant and it is essential that comprehensive investigations in terms of; the type and amount of chemicals that may be dosed, the volume of sludge that will be generated and the available space and the costs. Cress Consulting are able to offer expert advise on the most suitable primary treatment solution in all industrial applications.

Biological treatment

biological1There are so many types of biological processes it can be sometimes difficult to determine which one is the best system to treat your wastewater.

Cress Consulting have hands on operational experience with all types of anaerobic and aerobic reactors including; high rate anaerobic plants, ponds and lagoons, SBR’s, MBR’s, MBBR’s, activated sludge plant and and various types of fixed film reactors.

We also understand the biology of aerobic and anaerobic treatment. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will always ensure that all designs will achieve the removal of organic material or nutrients to any desired level.


recycleWith the cost of purchasing mains water and discharging wastewater rising, the economics of reuse are becoming more and more favourable.

At Cress, we are familiar with all aspects of reuse plants from non potable wash down usage to full scale recycling of potable water. More importantly our experience allows us to accurately estimate the costs of reusing wastewater so we can assist you in determining the feasibility of any reuse project before time and effort is spent on the design. Once a project is established to be financially viable, Cress can conduct complete design works for reuse in any industrial application.

Sludge Handling

CressConsulting_Supplementary_22One of the most commonly overlooked expenses in a wastewater treatment plant operation is sludge disposal.

It is essential that the design and costs of sludge disposal and handling are considered in the justification of any complete treatment plant design. Cress are familiar will all types of sludge dewatering equipment including screw presses, filter presses, belt presses and centrifuges and will always recommend the most suitable system for your application.

We are also familiar and keep up to date with legislation pertaining to sludge disposal routes including land fill, composting and the increasing popular method of solar drying which allows us to accurately and with experience, determine the best way forward.

Cress Consulting is a unique knowledge source and draws from decades of experience within the field of industrial wastewater treatment.