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Design reviews

Cress Consulting have extensive experience in the design of industrial wastewater treatment plants. An experience that has been developed from sitting on both sides of the fence. We understand industrial wastewater processes, and we understand our client’s needs and expectations.

Our design team have an excellent understanding of all types of industrial wastewater treatment plants and engaging Cress Consulting to review designs based on out technical specifications or reviewing alternative arrangements, you can be assured of the best possible outcome.

When Cress Consulting conduct design reviews will always be:

  • Clear and easy to understand at all levels
  • Specific. We will detail precisely what works and what doesn’t and report on solutions to achieve the best result.
  • Accurate. Our reports  will say and specify exactly what the best solution is for your wastewater project and nothing else. We do not waste resources and your costs by including superfluous information.
  • Complete. All aspects of the wastewater treatment plant design are covered including process and control systems.
  • Evaluation. We have detailed evaluation procedures and will review all submitted designs with out clients thoroughly.


Cress Consulting make finding solutions difficult problems an easy process. We are highly motivated and it is reciprocal.