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Cress Consulting is a specialist business providing environmental and sustainability consulting services to industry throughout Australia.

Cress Consulting specialises in working directly with owners, managers and engineers across all business sectors. We aim to build businesses understanding of sustainability and resource management and engage them in creating real solutions that work. Our innovative and practical approach will help your business integrate sustainability with your everyday business priorities.

Waste and resource management services is another primary area of the Cress Consulting groups focus. We have the expert skills to help businesses review and implement projects and services to ensure that you achieve your waste, wastewater and recycling targets. Our services will transform the way in which your business manages its resources guaranteeing cost savings and minimising environmental impacts.

By respecting problems, we will always discover the best was forward for our clients. Our approach to solving problems is simple using streamlined and straightforward communication paths at all times. As an information resource, this no nonsense approach is as effective as it is integral within our business.