Think global act local this World Environment Day

June 3, 2021

As we mark World Environment Day this Saturday the 5th of June, we are reminded that people and the planet are only as healthy as the ecosystems we all depend upon.

Bringing degraded ecosystems back to life – by planting trees, cleaning up riverbanks, or simply giving nature space to recover – provides so many benefits to society and without doing so, we cannot achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or the Paris Climate Agreement.

World Environment Day 2021 encourages the recovery of degraded or destroyed ecosystems and the conservation of unharmed ecosystems. The Ecosystem Restoration Playbook introduces a range of actions that can halt the degradation of ecosystems, and foster their recovery.

If you struggle to ‘think global but act local’, we urge you to think about your favourite places in nature. It could be the creek you cross on your regular walk, the bird song as you wake up or your favourite surfing or fishing spot. Just spend a moment thinking about how important that area is to you, others and to the ecosystem itself. Then, consider how to help protect or restore that precious environment.

Cress Consulting is assisting the Hydroflux Group through this process as it develops its sustainability strategy with the objective of creating tangible environmental, social and economic benefits across its growing portfolio. Encouragingly 98% of Hydroflux employees think sustainability should be part of business strategy and future plans.

In celebration of this world environment day, the Hydroflux Group has added ecosystem restoration to its sustainability goals and is encouraging suppliers and clients to do the same.

We believe that right now is the best time to make greater strides and set more sophisticated sustainability targets.

If you would like to embark on a sustainability strategy for your business that includes ecosystem restoration or need help to find the right solutions for a more sustainable, secure future, please contact us here.

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