Get a Head Start in Developing Your Sustainability Strategy

May 13, 2021

Sustainability is fast becoming the ‘cost of entry’ for many businesses. Increasingly customers, shareholders and employees expect companies to identify and address the key sustainability issues within their business as well as take action to reduce emissions and waste.

While many recognise that sustainability is good for business, some may be unsure about where to start, or what to focus on.

Working with experienced specialists can help identify the issues, establish plans, design programs and uncover the opportunities. Benefits could include cost savings, a more engaged workforce or better relationships with customers and suppliers. Integrating sustainability into your business plans will also help future proof your business and build a long-term outlook.

Having a sustainability strategy in place enables you to communicate with your customers on progress against sustainability goals and targets. It will also help you identify sustainability issues, risks, and opportunities in your business and maintain your social licence to operate.

At Cress Consulting, we develop approaches that work best for our clients and produce the most effective results. We apply practical and pragmatic solutions that ensure they continue to grow in a changing and increasingly challenging environment.

Looking at procurement is a great way of identifying the sustainability issues in your business and gives you a head start in developing your sustainability strategy. Starting with spending can provide useful information on sourcing of goods, services, materials and products that can act as building blocks to identify carbon emissions and other sustainability risks.

Global frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals or the Global Reporting Initiative might also be useful to identify the key sustainability issues and risks as well as the opportunities.

We have helped clients in a diverse range of sectors develop useful sustainability strategies with impact. Please contact us here. If you’d like to talk about how we can help you identify pathways that suit your individual sustainability business needs best.

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