Customers Expect Climate Action from their Favourite Brands

March 11, 2021

Customers increasingly expect organisations to take actions to address the social and environmental issues most relevant to them.

Consumers expect food to be produced sustainably, their favourite brands to source from sustainable suppliers and all organisations to act on climate change. Companies are expected to employ good labour practices and not be involved in activities that damage oceans, cause deforestation or pollute the environment.

Using a sound framework to identify the sustainability issues in your business gives you a head start in developing your strategy. Once in place a sustainability strategy helps organisations communicate with customers about their sustainability goals and carbon emissions targets.

Customers are increasingly demanding changes from businesses and neglecting to act might mean being left behind by others in your sector. Australians expect organisations, food producers and brands to have a genuine commitment and not pay only lip service.

A well-informed sustainability strategy will evaluate the most relevant material topics to your business, identify risks and impacts and provide a roadmap to meet your sustainability goals and carbon emissions targets.

Cress can help your business become more sustainable and reduce carbon emissions. If you’d like to find out more please contact us here.

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