Julia Seddon Joins Cress Consulting Pty Ltd

May 25, 2020

I’m delighted to join Cress Consulting as CEO. Cress is a sustainability services business and part of the Hydroflux Group, a trusted and respected member of the Australian and New Zealand water industry.

It seems the perfect time to join the Hydroflux Group after spending almost 20 years with Inghams, leading the sustainability and water stewardship agendas and more than a decade with the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative and Alliance for Water Stewardship working alongside some of the most experienced, skilled professionals in the food, water and sustainability field.

As an Alliance for Water Stewardship credentialled specialist and supported by more than 60 specialist engineers and scientists across the world, Cress has the expertise and knowledge to help you make more informed decisions and find ways to maintain profitability and continue to grow in an increasingly challenging environment.

Our services include sustainability strategy design and delivery, value transformation, water stewardship, climate and water risk and issues management. Having worked with Adrian Minshull, Andrew Miley and John Koumoukelis on some of Australia’s first advanced water treatment plant that reduced water use by more than 70% I’m confident that Cress Consulting will uncover further opportunities for sustainable growth, resource efficiency and water security.

If you’d like to get in touch we would love to hear from you.

Cress Consulting are sustainability, risk and water specialists, committed to finding the right solutions to help you secure a more sustainable, secure future.If you would like help to find the right solutions to a more sustainable, secure future, please contact us here.

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